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About Will

Will was born in Canterbury, Kent. He learnt to read early and spent most of his free time with his head in a book or a Beano. As a child, his father would read the Chronicles of Narnia at bedtime and this instilled his love of fantasy, enhanced in later years by Redwall, Eragon, Gemmell and Tolkien.


His love of books and stories has followed him since those earliest days. Aged five, he wrote a six line story about Farmer Tom which was so good it won him a Head Teacher’s Award! His lunchtimes at secondary school consisted of being a student librarian and writing (and rewriting and rewriting) a fantasy novel with his friend and future co-best man. This book will never see the light of day. It did, however, kindle a passion for writing that has continued to this day.


Echoes of a Lost Goddess, book one in the Voices of the Ilskini series, is Will’s debut novel and will be published in May 2024.

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